How To Treat Your Skin In Winter So It’s Bikini-Ready This Summer

Winter is a great time of year if you love peppermint mochas and Christmas carols. It’s not a great time, though, if you love soft, gorgeous skin. The winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin and when you’re already searching for trendy bikinis and bathing suits for next season, it can be daunting to look down at a pair of dry legs. Keep reading to learn how to take care of your skin now so you can be the first babe on the beach once the summer kicks in.

Why Is Winter Tough On Skin?

There are a few reasons why winter seems to leave our skin dry and our lips chapped. Part of the problem is lower humidity levels in the air, meaning there is less humidity for our skin to soak up. This causes major dryness problems, especially for those who are already prone to dry skin. The second issue is the emergence of indoor heating. Indoor heating, while it keeps us nice and toasty, sucks what little humidity there is out of the air and out of our bodies as well. Finally, we tend to eat less healthy food during the winter, causing those who are prone to acne to break out on their face, chest, and back in particular.

Take Care Of Your Skin Now For Better Skin This Summer

Stay Hydrated

Not staying hydrated is a major source of dry and flaky skin and it is especially easy to get dehydrated during the winter. Not only will drinking plenty of water keep your skin hydrated, but it can also help flush out toxins, resulting in clearer skin so you can feel extra confident when you step out in one of our trendy bathing suits.

Treat Yourself

If you can’t spend time relaxing by the ocean in your trendy bikini during the winter, you might as well find another way to relax. Spend some time this winter at a spa getting skin treatments. For example, winter is a great time to invest in laser hair removal so your legs are beach-ready by the time June rolls around. You can also indulge in chemical peels or laser treatment to help lessen the appearance of acne scars or sun damage. Or, simply treat yourself to a nice massage or hydrating body wrap.

Update Your Products

Your skin has different needs during the winter, so it might be time to update your skin care regimen. While slathering on a thick lotion during the summer might sound uncomfortable, your skin will soak it right up during the winter. Switching from your normal lotion to an intense body moisturizer can give your skin the much-needed love and hydration it deserves.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, and Did We Mention Exfoliate?

Regular exfoliation will keep your skin looking amazing year-round by sloughing off the top layer of dead skin and revealing new skin underneath. You can use a good body scrub or loofah regularly in the shower, or you might even opt for a full-body chemical peel with the help of your local medspa for serious skin renewal.

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